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Fictitious name of the entity, person or AI, that appears to be linked to or in charge of ArgenSoft. Additionally, Anipanda seems to be behind the Scipio26 Twitter account, and linked, if not responsible for to the misadventures of Donovan, Nadia and Johan. Note The name "Anipanda" comes from the name of the first image on Anipanda's Diary, the page where this character seems to post. No name has been given for this character from any canonical source.

Johan Jonason:

Johan worked at ArgenSoft for about a week as tech security. One night, he contacted Donovan Andrews saying he had something important to share. The line went dead and all traces of Johan from ArgenSoft's system disappeared. Johan hasn't been seen since.


Name of an account on Twitter that seems to be used by the same entity behind the Anipanda's Diary and the threads to Donovan and Nadia.


Donovan Andrews best friend. She works as receptionist at ArgenSoft.

Donovan Andrews:

Computer programmer working at ArgenSoft for the past 2 years (in its Missile Defense section). He contacted some of the players seeking help in finding out what happened to a coworker Johan Jonason who has disappeared. Donovan is also Nadia's best friend.